Department Program Manuals

The authorative word on FGSR regulations can be found on the FGSR website. Departmental regulations covering graduate programs offered by the Department of History and Classics can change from year to year. All changes will be reflected on the Departmental website, which will be updated at the beginning of the academic year. Thus, the printable version of the relevant portions of the Departmental website, corresponding to what used to be the Higher Degrees Brochure published annually by the Department, allows students and supervisors instant access to the regulations in force in any given academic year.

Unless otherwise stated, the regulations in force when a student first registers in his/her MA or PhD graduate program apply for the duration of that program. Students who first registered in their programs before September 2007 should continue to consult the appropriate Higher Degrees Brochure, which is also available in printable form online below. Students who first registered in their programs in the 2007-8, 2008-9, or 2009-10 academic year are governed by the 2009-10 printable version of the Departmental website.

Higher Degrees Brochures
2004-5, 2005-06

New Department Program Manual