Undergraduate Research Proseminars


Starting in the 2007 Fall Term, a series of Undergraduate Research Proseminars will be offered each term for History and Classics Majors and Honours students only, under the heading HIST 489. Each one will be worth one credit (*1) and you can take as many of them as you like. You can, for example, accumulate *3 in HIST 489s, and that will count towards your History or B.A. program (though not as a fourth-year seminar). 

The instructors offering these courses are volunteering their time to provide our Majors and Honours students with a small group experience, focussing on some aspect of their own research as a window into what it means to do scholarly research in our areas, and as an opportunity to teach some of the skills needed for active research. 

Students will normally need a B+ average to be admitted. Admission is closed on Bear Tracks; you must pick up a form from the main office of History and Classics and receive permission from the appropriate faculty member to register, indicated by her or his signature. You will be able to do this later in August and in early September. Each seminar group will meet for an hour each week (normally), at a time to be determined by the instructor.