Classics courses that count as History courses

CLASS 254 Introduction to Greek Art and Archaeology

CLASS 255 Introduction to Roman Art and Archaeology

CLASS 261 Women in the Ancient World

CLASS 280 Introduction to Ancient Greek History

CLASS 282 Introductory Roman History I

CLASS 283 Introductory Roman History II

CLASS 294 Ancient Science, Technology and Medicine

CLASS 302 Classical Myth and Religion

CLASS 303 Religion in Greco-Roman Antiquity

CLASS 354* Topics in Greek Civilization

CLASS 355* Topics in Roman Civilization

CLASS 356 Topics in Ancient Art

CLASS 358 Topics in Methodology, Theory & Practice of Classical Archaeology

CLASS 360 Ancient Historiography

CLASS 375 History of Medicine in the Ancient World

CLASS 376 Early Civilization I

CLASS 377 Early Civilization II

CLASS 380 History of Palestine

CLASS 387 History of Pre-Islamic North Africa

CLASS 399* Topics in the Ancient World

CLASS 459 Roman Archaeology & Civilization

CLASS 460 Topics in Ancient Near Eastern History

CLASS 463 Topics in Roman Republican History

CLASS 473 Topics in Classical Archaeology

CLASS 474 Pre-Roman Italy

CLASS 478 Topics in Roman Art

CLASS 479 Topics in Roman Archaeology and Social History

CLASS 480 Topics in the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces

CLASS 481 Topics in Greek History

CLASS 499* Individual Study of Historical & Archaeological Problems

*Eligible only when the topic is on ancient history or archaeology, but not literature.