Envisioning Science: Imaging the Body

10-11 September 2010 / 2-20 Fine Arts Building

A workshop investigating “how we see, how we are able, allowed, or made to see, and how we see this seeing or the unseen therein.”






Public Keynote Lectue - Friday 10 September 2010

Professor Lisa Cartwright, University of California - San Diego
“Critical Art Practice in the Era of Biological Citizenship”?


Invited Workshop Speakers Include:

Lianne McTavish (Department of Art and Design, University of Alberta)
“Visions of Health and Illness in Early Modern France”

Steven Turner (Department of History, University of New Brunswick)
“Jonathan Crary, Thomas Kuhn, and the Contest of Bright.”

Cameron Murray (STS Program, York University
“Scientific Facts, Science Fiction and the Changing Role of Bioinformatics in Genomics Visualization”

Letitia Meynell (Department of Philosphy, Dalhousie)
“Situated Neuroimages: Locating the Object from Nowhere in fMRI.”

Alex Choby (SSHRC `Situating Science’ Postdoctoral Fellow in the Science, Technology and Society Program, University of Alberta)
“Economies of Simulation and Dissimulation in the Epilepsy Clinic.”

Marilene Oliver (Visual Artist, Rio de Janiero)
Artist Talk