The Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta is recognized as one of the leading departments for the study of History and Classics in Canada and globally. Our students work with professors who are excellent teachers (many have won campus awards), and world-class researchers active at the forefront of their chosen fields.


  1. Edmontonians discuss welcoming Trump refugees—and lessons of history

    At panel on ‘surviving Trump,’ ideas flow on offering asylum and repealing Safe Third Country law.

  2. History & Classics Graduate Students' Association - Annual Conference

    HCGSA Annual Conference presents "The Mechanics of Mania: Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Canadian Media" Keynote Speaker: Paul Litt, Professor from Carleton University

  3. Lillian Piché Shirt, John Lennon and a Cree Grandmother’s Inspiration for the Song “Imagine” by Lillian Shirt, Corinne George and Sarah Carter

    Read about Lillian Piche's protest in the summer of 1969, as published in article on ActiveHistory.ca

  4. Check out Active History for articles written by presenters from the Oct 2016 conference, History of Women's Political and Social Activism

    Active History shares articles by presenters from the October 2016 conference, History of Women's Political and Social Activism.

  5. History & Classics 3-Minute Thesis Results

    History & Classics 3-Minute Thesis Results

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  1. Susan Smith Talks about Mustard Gas with PBS

    During World War II, the U.S. government conducted experiments with mustard gas and other chemicals on thousands of American troops. A new NPR investigation has found that some military experiments singled out African-American, Japanese-American and Puerto Rican servicemen by race. Judy Woodruff learns more from Caitlin Dickerson of NPR and Susan Smith of University of Alberta.

  2. The Kastro Kallithea Study Season 2015. An Impression by Matt Gabert and Karey Rodgirs

  3. Interview David Rupp about the Canadian Institute in Greece at UAlberta

    Dr David Rupp

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